General signs of Forex Broker scam or BO scam

Here are signs of a Forex scammer who wants to steal your money.

  1. Too few people know about that forex broker. Usually business companies that have just started up. Check google you will notice this very very clearly.
  2. Unclear or fake legal address and background information.
  3. Broker’s advisors often invite transactions, usually an offer to buy shares. Always show you how to make money aka “Secrets”.
  4. Broker’s staff can advance money to investors (for purpose of hitting investors’ greed). Or often show accounts with huge amounts of capital. Or COMMITMENT TO PROFIT.
  5. Forex brokers have signs of bonus money with an unbelievable bonus in industry (not all bonus forex brokers are scam forex brokers, this must be clearly distinguished).
  6. No need, verify investor’s identity and address before opening an account for a client (or it’s too easy to verify).
  7. Regularly posting promotional photos that are too colorful, not even posting “fresh, sexy” images. Because this is taboo in reputable brokers. Doing business doing business.
  8. If you are willing to learn reports from CFTC, NFA, FCA, ASIC, CySEC about warning fake broker. In this particular case, it is happening very, very often.
  9. And there are many more ways to find out.

Above still applies to fraudulent BO company.
In conclusion, these scam forex brokers. Literally, it is not a nominal forex broker in financial industry. Here is “Blacklisted Forex Brokers- BO, Forex scammer list“, which itigtrader will usually update

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