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OctaFX review reddit


OctaFX keeps spreads as low as possible

OctaFX is keeping spreads low for as long as possible:

Currently, OctaFX has spread spreads as low as 14 pips on the Forex EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, USD / CHF, NZD / USD and USD / CAD pairs. EUR / GBP, EUR / AUD, GBP / JPY, CHF / JPY, NZD / JPY, GBP / CAD,… no commission. See details of low spreads at here



Octa FX has been known to many traders around the world for the past few years. OctaFX offers their full range of trading platforms so it will satisfy many traders’ preferences. Perhaps, if you are a Scalping Trader, it will be ok to choose a Ctrader account if you choose an MT4 account.

Free swap service, swap to commission if the customer chooses an Islamic account.

What is OctaFX and what year was it founded? Is OctaFX scam?

OctaFX has been found since 2011. OctaFX is a broker that executes orders without dealing desks. Providing Forex, CFD trading products under Indices, Energy, Cryptocurrencies. However, traders should also note that OctaFX has 2 branches operating in the European market and one offshore.

Of course, the branch on the European market has the CySEC license of the Czech Republic number 372/18, and will be regulated by the European stock market and market authority (ESMA). As such, it will be safer or more reputable. You can check the license number below.

regulation CySEC at Octafx
The other branch might be the Saint Vincent And Grenadines company. It also doesn’t mean that OctaFX is a scam, because they also have a CySEC license so it also adds an extra credit score to OctaFX.

Types of trading accounts at OctaFX

Provide 3 types of accounts and require capital of 100 USD or more:

OctaFX Micro Account

No commission when trading. But, if liquidity is good, the EURUSD pair will have an average low of 0.7-0.9 pips. On the Micro account, the trader also has the right to choose an Islamic account every time a new account is created.

Condition for free swap: when investor creates a new account, the system will ask you this question and you just choose it. However, a swap to a commission fee will apply.

OctaFX MT5 Account

No commission for trading, the spread is lower than Micro account and swap is free.

OctaFX CTrader Account

Commission fee of 7 USD / lot, as well as the quality of the best spread and capital requirements of 500 USD or more.

Octa FX Live Quotes

OctaFX provides all investors with prior reference of spreads without having to open accounts first like other brokers. Investors can view live quotes on all Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies trading products on all existing account types at OctaFX. See the live quote at more

OctaFX Negative Balance Protection

There are times when market conditions fluctuate and at times may result in a client’s trading order being cut off more than his or her capital, resulting in a negative balance. At OctaFX will compensate for client capital to be 0 after about 1 day. That is the meaning of “negative balance protection policy”.

Preferential policies for each client at OctaFX

OctaFX offers 4 low to high client levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. If the customer level is higher, the more incentives. If you care about the level of customers, please continue below:

Silver customers

Silver level clients octafx


Bronze customers

Bronze Level clients octafx

Gold customers

Gold level clients octafx
Platinum customers

Platinum level clients octafx
It takes $ 5 to start the Bronze level.

OctaFX Demo Contest Rating

OctaFX regularly holds a weekly free Demo trading contest with up to 500 USD bonus. Trading on this Demo is also a good thing, it doesn’t cost money, but it is extremely difficult to win prizes. Because, the unbelievable profit figures on these demo accounts.

For more details, please refer to “Contest on MT4” and “Contest on Ctrader“.

OctaFX Copy Trade

copy trading at Octafx

Copy Trade Support – Copy Trade, for both investors and those who want to let other investors copy their trades (Master) on OctaFX.

For investors: The Copy Trade feature on OctaFX still lacks a few important details, to help investors make better decisions. Also note one thing, the Copy trade service here is that some reviews are not transparent so you also need to consider.

For Masters: To become a Master, it requires capital from 25 USD or more.

Investors should also remember, if you copy transactions, you should finance equal to or more than Master in order not to lose volume when copying.

Click here to sign up for Copy trading at OctaFX

OctaFX deposit and withdrawal

OctaFX offers relatively stable number of payment methods such as VISA, Local Bank, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin wallet. All payment fees are virtually free for deposits and withdrawals, except for VISA which is charged by banks.

OctaFX Tips

If investors thuộc loại Day trader, Swing trader hay Positive trader thì OctaFX có thể là sự lựa chọn. As for professional scalping traders, a Ctrader account is a more suitable choice. However, keep in mind that customers from certain countries will not receive regulatory protection either.


  • There is a suitable free swap account available for Swing Traders, Positive Traders. Without asking you to be Muslim.
  • OctaFX’s Ctrader account offers quality investors: price depth, liquidity. This makes OctaFX outperform many other brokers in this regard.
  • There is always a bonus program that runs up to 50% every time a trader deposits.


  • Scalping Trader is not recommended to trade on Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform.
  • Copy Trading function, perhaps lacking some features that are essential for investors when making the final decision.

OctaFX Bonus Deposit

Bonus conditions:

The client’s account must be verified before the bonus can be claimed.
You can get other bonuses like 10%, 30% or 100% for each deposit. Apply for all types of accounts MT4, MT5 and Ctrader.

The bonus will be credited to the client’s account and locked until the required lots are met, following the formula:

Required lot = (Bonus received in USD / 2)

Example: For receiving 50% bonus. Customers deposit to their account 400 USD. After that, OctaFX awarded 200 USD. Thus, “Required lots” is 100 lots.

Cancel Bonus if:

If the equity in the account is less than “Bonus received in USD”, the bonus is immediately canceled.

Here is a general summary of OctaFX rewards conditions, please see more details on OctaFX Rewards Program Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions at OctaFX

Does OctaFX 100% bonus promo code have?

Bonus program takes place regularly, up to 50% per deposit. However, OctaFX usually offers 100% bonuses during major holidays. Do not use promo code, just deposit and accept the terms to receive Bonus

How long is OctaFX withdrawal time?

Fastest withdrawal time is about 1- 1.5 days. Depositing method may take longer such as bank wire.

What is OctaFX minimum deposit?

Minimum initial capital at OctaFX is 100 USD for MICRO account, Ctrader account and 500 USD for PRO account.

How do I log in to OctaFX?

To login to OctaFX you need to use one of your email addresses to first open an account at OctaFX. At that time, you will also set up your own password. From there, you will be logged into OctaFX as usual. You can also see instructions for opening an OctaFX account.

Does OctaFX have a Free Swap or Islamic Account?

Yes, the Free Swap Account is open to all clients at OctaFX. When a client opens a new trading account they will receive the option of whether or not they want to receive a Free swap. In particular, at OctaFX does not require a Muslim client to open an Islamic account.

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