Exness Thailand Review- What you need to know

Exness Thailand Review- What you need to know

If you come from Asia, you will probably wonder about Exness when you research on the internet and find that this forex broker has a similar website with exness.com domain exness.asia … If you want to open an account at home This broker you will be confused about that. Then, Exness will accept customers from Asia, which website will they sign up for?

Both websites above are official website of Exness. Account registration in these websites is similar because they use a common data source. So, Asian traders can register to open an Exness account with 1 of the 2 websites above of Exness.

Which website does Exness use in Thailand?

As of now, there is no dedicated website for Thailand. In Thailand, you can sign up for an Exness account on both websites: Exness.com and Exness.asia. Almost, now all Asian customers can register or login through these 2 domains, not just Thailand. (including Indonesia, Malaysia)

Exness Asia Highlights

Exness is a very famous broker in the Asian market including Thailand. Exness is keeping growth at more than 120,500 clients by the end of 2020. Most traders are attracted to Exness because of its excellent trading conditions: no trading commissions, spreads and flowers. Low raw account commission, acceptable execution speed, highest leverage and most prominent is the instant payment system.

Additionally, Exness has a multilingual support center with native Thai speaking staff, an online marketing team, support from Introduce Broker (IB) and hosting events exclusively for Thai languages. After registering for an account, you will receive calls from your account manager, who will guide you through completing the profile to open an Exness account fastest. In Thailand, they offer online support for traders in Thai with 24/7 open hours. That way, you can contact them whenever you want even on the weekends. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, you can study forex material from Exness education center.

Exness Asia is a market maker

itigtrader does not hide you, Exness Asia is a market maker. That may also cause frustration for some traders. However, it compares Exness to a few other retail brokers Exness is probably the better of them.

Fast payment system

Exness is rated by itigtrader as one of the many forex brokers with an instant settlement system. In fact, traders can instantly deposit and withdraw through the Exness system in less than a few minutes (if the withdrawal conditions are okay).

In addition, Exness has a number of local banks to handle deposit and withdrawal payments and is available in a number of countries around the world such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This is the best way that most customers prioritize to choose.

Exness Promotion

Exness has rarely had a promotion for its customers ever.
Please inform the trader that. Currently, Exness is offering around $ 28 in bonuses. Just like promotions elsewhere, there will always be terms set by the forex broker. This promotion is valid from April 19, 2021 until next month, please see details below.

Exness demo account opening

Demo trading is a service that allows you to experience FX trading on a trading platform, almost like a real trading environment using virtual currencies. Allows traders to trade demos offered by Exness as part of the service. It is therefore free to use.

For example: you can do forex trading using a virtual fund of $ 10,000 and see what the experience looks like.

Difference when trading demo is that it is virtual currency. So even if you fail to trade only on virtual money and you can practice without using real money.

Customer service

Exness has a support team to take care of customers through online channels to respond to all inquiries from customers. They offer live chat 24/7 support in many different languages, along with the main language English. Traders from non-English speaking countries, but prefer to speak in native language, Exness will assist them in many languages ​​such as Chinese, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese and Persian. Moreover, you can also contact them via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Regulation of Exness Asia

As a broker operating on Global, Asia is part of Exness market, in addition Europe and UK market is also a market of Exness. However, each of these markets will have different regulations such as FCA UK, CySEC, FSA, and FSCA that currently own.

Traders in Asia, will be able to choose Exness Asia as their broker to trade, under FSA Seychelles regulation on them. To be more secure on your capital, itigtrader advises large capital traders to consider some brokers with safe management policies FCA UK, ASIC such as ICMarkets, FPMarkets, Admiral Markets, Etoro.

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