Open Forex trading account and Open Stock trading account according to criteria to choose Forex Broker

Each forex broker has its own advantages and disadvantages, like “every human being is good or perfect”. Therefore, you should find out what your goals are? Of course, the orex brokers I am talking about here are “nominal operation financial brokers”.

Which Forex Broker should open account?

The current Forex Brokers. In addition to providing Forex trading products, these Forex brokers still support CFD trading products, only with a little difference. So, to open an account at any Forex Broker you must first see:

  • Which trading products do you want to invest in?
  • You do not know anything and want to practice opening and closing orders?
  • Do you like bonus promotions?
  • Which trading method do you trade? Well lots of ideas.

Ultimately, still what your investment goal is. Also of course, the reputable Forex Broker factor is still the leading factor and this issue we do not need to discuss. The Forex Brokers at this website have been pre-selected with 1 of 2 main criteria (or both): The license to operate or the period of operation is long enough.

But, I also want to be blunt to know the true transparency of a Forex broker (including the CFD product side). For example, in the process of processing a customer’s order, it is difficult to know what is the problem? When there is a conflict or no conflict, traders call it the “gray zone”. But, can not say that forex broker plays dirty because of evidence? Here, also not discussed if investors play dirty with forex brokers.

Tips first to open an account and then trade

You should spend the smallest amount of capital required at a Forex platform to test the quality. Usually the minimum level at Forex Brokers for retail traders is 200 USD.

Trade as small as possible like 0.01 lot to check if the processing speed and signal transmission are okay? (you also have to watch out for your weak carrier’s internet, not your broker). Even when entering small volumes is also a very good habit, why? As mentioned above, if there is a conflict between you and your Broker, you will be less inhibited. Or, there are times when the market loses liquidity if you lack trading experience. So, trade small volume just enough for your account balance.

When remembering these 2 things, now think about choosing a Forex Broker below to open a forex investment account or invest in CFD securities to suit your purpose or criteria.

Forex Broker has the best reputable license

Forex Broker Have Reputable License

Forex Brokers with UK FCA or Australian ASIC or Cyrus CySEC will be classified as “BEST PRESTIGE, BEST”. Because, Forex Broker will be more difficult to use tricks on client capital. If something bad happens, you still have a way to sue. But the best is still the US NFA and UK FCA license.

Admiral Markets >>> Go to ADMIRAL MARKETS

Darwinex >>> Go to DARWINEX

Etoro (should not trade Forex because spreads are more unfavorable, choose to trade other trading products) >>> Go to ETORO

FPMarkets >>> Go to FPMARKETS

Also note: Licenses offered by Forex Broker are for clients depending on the region. As such, you should ask the supporter of the broker you want to register for a trading account for for more information.

Forex Broker has the lowest spreads

Forex Broker Have Lowest Spread

Low spreads are always favored by traders. In particular, the types of day traders or Scalping. However, you should keep in mind that slippage is normally unavoidable. The lower the spread, the better liquidity helps the trader to limit slippage much more.

Low spread forex brokers with a common account are ECN account types with spreads of 0.0 pips or more. In return, you have to commission fees per lot traded, but also worth the money.

Admiral Markets >>> Go to ADMIRAL MARKETS

ICMarkets >>> Go to ICMARKETS

FPMarkets >>> Go to FPMARKETS

Darwinex >>> Go to DARWINEX

Forex Broker has a variety of Trading Platforms

Forex Broker have many trading platforms

That is, Forex Broker offers many trading platforms such as Webtrader, Metatrader 4 (MT4), Metatrader 5 (MT5), Ctrader and other types of advanced trading platforms. Suitable for all types of traders who prefer popular platforms or traders who want to take advantage of and explore high technology.

OctaFX has MT4, MT5, Ctrader platforms >>> Go to OCTAFX

FPMarkets have platforms MT4, MT5, IRESS >>> Go to FPMARKETS

AdmiralMarkets has MT4, MT5, MetaTrader Supreme Edition platforms >>> Go to ADMIRAL MARKETS

ICMarkets has platforms MT4, MT5, Ctrader >>> Go to ICMARKETS

FortFS has platforms MT4, MT5, CQG, NinjaTrader >>> Go to FORTFS

Also note: in order to access high-tech you may have to pay extra money for that broker.

Forex Broker has many trading products

Forex Broker have many products traded

Many trading products are criteria for traders who like to invest in multi-market channels such as Forex and CFDs such as Commodities, Indices, Bonds, Stocks, Futures, Crypto. Traders will feel uncomfortable if the broker does not provide the trading products he needs. The Broker if abundant in trading products will help traders trade only there.

Thus, it is possible that traders will not have to worry about looking for other brokers when they cannot find the products they need.

Admiral Markets >>> Go to ADMIRAL MARKETS

ICMarkets >>> Go to ICMARKETS

Etoro >>> Go to ETORO

FPMarkets >>> Go to FPMARKETS

RoboForex >>> Go to ROBOFOREX

FortFS >>> Go to FORTFS

Forex Broker has low trading commissions

Forex Broker have lowest commission

The low commission fee on the ECN account is also one of the important criteria that many traders are interested in. Because, the lower commission, the better trader has more profit and less loss. Low commission fees sometimes depend on the trading product.

Darwinex >>> Go to DARWINEX

FXTM >>> Go to FXTM

Tickmill >>> Go to TICKMILL

RoboForex >>> Go to ROBOFOREX

FXOpen >>> Go to FXOPEN

Forex Broker free swap

Forex Broker have Free Swap

For long-term traders on the stock market, be sure to get bored of that overnight fees. Because, holding orders as long as possible will lose profits if unfortunately it is negative interest rate. Also, keep in mind that there are conditions for commissions free and swap free.

Etoro >>> Go to ETORO (get swap free on some trading products like US stocks and receive dividends)

XTB >>> Go to XTB (free overnight on selected products)

Forex Broker has a copy trading service

Forex Broker Support Copy trading service

In fact, any trader may need to use copy trading, not necessarily a new trader. Copying trading will still be clear, not risk free. As such, forget about the phrase “Market Experts” that some brokers say. Because copying signals from them is not sure in the future. Often people will allocate their capital to different copied accounts for safer capital.
Etoro >>> Go to ETORO
Darwinex >>> Go to DARWINEX

Forex Broker has bonus promotions

Forex Broker Offer bonus promotions

Bonuses usually come in two main forms:

  • Bonuses usually apply on deposits usually 10%, 25%, 50, 100% or more.
  • Promotion receive Free bonus.

They all come with bonus terms for all types of promotions. Of course, not all forex exchanges offer. In general, no one gives anyone a bonus neither. For me, I don’t really like bonuses, in general if you wanted to trade on bonus exchanges then here:

FortFS >>> Go to FORTFS

FBS >>> Go to FBS (100 USD free bonus)

Forex4you >>> Go to FOREX4YOU

HotForex >>> Go to HOTFOREX

RoboForex >>> Go to ROBOFOREX (30 USD free bonus)

XM >>> Go to XM (There is a free bonus of 30 USD)

Forex Broker fastest withdrawal

Forex Broker Support fast withdrawal

The fast withdrawal speed will satisfy traders with withdrawal criteria
at a fast rate, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Not all brokers can meet this quite high criteria for you. Here are some forex exchanges with fast withdrawals, just considered as the fastest today, also in terms of terms.

Exness >>> Go to EXNESS

FBS Exchange >>> Go to FBS

Tickmill >>> Go to TICKMILL

OctaFX >>> Go to OCTAFX

Forex Broker offers Cent accounts

Forex Broker Provide Cent account

When investors are new, they want to make real trades, as well as practice opening and closing orders to familiarize themselves. Perhaps this is also a safer option and can be exchanged for real money.

Recalling a little Cent account makes a trader feel a little excited as well as trading on Real accounts as well as real gains and losses. Unlike Demo accounts, impatience can lead to frustration. Remember, 1 USD = 100 Cent. Here are some Forex Brokers who have a Cent account that might suggest you.

FortFS >>> Go to FORTFS

RoboForex >>> Go to ROBOFOREX

FXTM >>> Go to FXTM

FXOpen >>> Go to FXOPEN

Exness >>> Go to EXNESS

XM >>> Go to XM

Also note: a few things on Cent accounts have disadvantages such as: spreads may be higher, commissions may be higher, less trading products, and more.


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