Top Forex Brokers list for trading 2021

In this day and age, online trading accounts are popular. At the same time, brokers will also establish and develop more as its rules. But, among those forex brokers there are companies that are not reputable, if traders invest in these companies 99% lose money. Below, is a list of “top forex brokers” with selection criteria and must be forex brokers officially operating in the world, not hidden forex broker.

Critera applyed for Top Forex Brokers List

  1. Broker forex must be active for at least 7 years. Thus, that forex broker is safe in terms of operating history.
  2. Broker must have a license from reputable financial institutions or committees. And still active on financial markets around the world, not forex underpinnings.
  3. Broker must make sure the deposit is OK. However, must follow that broker’s process and policies.
  4. Broker forex must have regular online support team for customers.
TopForex BrokerEstablishedRegulationOpen account
1Admiral Markets2001FCA, ASIC, CySECRegistration
2ICMarkets2007ASIC, FSARegistration
3Skilling2007CySEC, FSARegistration
5Exness2008FCA, ASIC, CySECRegistration
9FXTM2007FCA, FSCRegistration
logo admiral markets

Admiral Markets

Minimum initial capital: 100 USD

Order execution type: STP,ECN

Highest leverage: 1:500

Promotions: No

Established in 2001, with ASIC license from Australia and FCA of England and CySEC of Republic of SEC, this is enough to be considered a reputable forex broker.

More than 4000 trading instruments

As you can see, Admiral Markets has three licenses to say that are both reputable and popular. Products on the floor are equally rich as: Forex, Precious Metals, Securities, Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Energy, ETFs, Crypto. So when investors at the frenzy to find trading products that broker forex does not provide.

Allows most Trading Strategies

Admiral Markets allows investors to enjoy trading methods such as Scalping trader, Day Trader, Positive Trade, Hedge Trade. Because, AdmiralMarket is a No dealing Desk. That is, they are just an intermediary company that takes client orders and delivers to “Interbank Market”.

Types of accounts at Admiral Markets:

There are 5 types of accounts: including 2 types of accounts for MT4 platform and 2 types of accounts for MT5 platform and “Invest.MT5” account type will be valid in some countries. Minimum initial capital of USD 100 for all types of trading accounts, allowing the use of EA (trading robots).

  • Trade.MT4: no commission on trading products, except for Stocks and ETFs. Including 148 products traded.
  • Zero.MT4: commission from 3.6-6 usd / 1 lot traded for Forex, Metals.
  • Trade.MT5: no commission on trading products, except for Stocks and ETFs. More than 3500 products traded.
  • Zero.MT5: commission from 3.6-6 usd / 1 lot traded for Forex, Metals.

Improved mt4 platform

“MetaTrader Surpreme platform”. This is an improved platform for MT4 and for MT5 alone, but no other broker forex other than Admiral Markets provides. Of course, the MT4 Supreme platform will be superior to the conventional platform and the advantages from this platform:

  • More indicators “Technical analysis with Trading Central”.
  • Indicator of “Market sentiment”: it is a measure of psychology between the number of people who think the price should buy or the price to sell.
  • The interface is the same, with more prominent and clear details, instead of the old platform you have to download more external indicators.




Minimum initial capital: 200 USD

Order execution type: STP,ECN

Highest leverage: 1:500

Promotions: No

Established since 2007. ICMarkets is growing in 120 countries around the world. It is divided into 3 groups corresponding to 3 types of operating licenses.

  • Firstly, Austraila is licensed ASIC account number 335692 under the brand name International Capital Markets Pty Ltd (IC Markets AU).
  • Second, in the Seychelles there is an FSA under the brand name Raw Capital Trading Ltd (IC Markets SC).
  • Third, in Cyprus is authorized and regulated by the SEC Republican Securities and Exchange Commission, license number 362/18. Same brand IC MARKETS (EU) LTD.

ICMarkets with the true meaning of True ECN should allow Scalping with most trading methods, as long as it is reasonable.

Types of accounts at ICMarkets:

All are 3 types of accounts:

  • Standard Account with no commission. Spreads start at 1 pip. Forex pairs with the best liquidity are always EURUSD, GPBUSD, USDJPY.
  • RAW Account (ECN) with commission of 7 usd / lot. Spreads start at 0 pips. Scalping will be the best fit on this account.
  • CTrader Account (ECN) with commission of 6 usd / 100k USD. Spreads start at 0 pips. Just like the account above, Scalping will be the best fit on this account. In addition, take advantage of FIX API technology.

Trading Instruments & Trading platform

I must say ICMarkets offers a lot of trading products: Forex, Precious Metals, Indices , Stocks, Bond, Crypto. Shares on the MT5 platform are the most offered by ICMarkets in the company’s Trading Instruments available portfolio.

Provides 3 trading platforms: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 and Ctrader.

Free on Deposit & Withdrawals

ICMarkets no charge deposit and withdrawal methods: Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Money transfer from broker to broker, Visa card, Local Banking.

Overall, ICMarkets deserves to be in the list of “Top forex brokers in 2020” of ITIGTrader. This is also current “Lowest Brokerage on Spread”.


logo etoro


Minimum initial capital: 50 USD

Order execution type: STP

Highest leverage: 1:30

Promotions: No

Etoro has been on the financial market since 2007. It is also a reputable broker, having an ASIC license from Australia and FCA of England. So customers feel much more secure legally. Thus, Etoro sure to have a Top forex brokers us.

Us stocks dividend & No Commission

Etoro’s strong point is Stocks, not Forex so traders who care about the stock market. Thus, choosing broker Etoro is very worth considering when you choose stock trades online.

Etoro is also stock broker with no fees but only applies to US stocks. With “no leverage” and “buy orders only” conditions. See more the applicable policy details at Etoro.

Dividends are paid by Etoro immediately on the trading account like Swap fees.

Online copy trading platform

The second strong point is Copytrade. Because this is the criteria when setting up a broker company.

1000+ trading instruments

Lots of product deals included: 13 commodities, 13 indices, more than 1000 shares, including 145 ETFs, 17 cryptocurrency pairs under CFD and 47 currency pairs.

Social trading platforms only, not MT4

EToro does not use the popular platform like Metatrader 4. Simply, customers will trade on Etoro’s own platform. Etoro’s interface on the trading platform is similar to that of Facebook. Meanwhile, young people are approaching chatting with each other through Facebook a lot. Plus the advantage in the number of Stocks. For that reason, I would rate Etoro broker as a “best online stock broker for beginners“.

Etoro fees

Support many deposit and withdrawal methods: Local Bank, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Bank wire. Etoro charges $ 5 per withdraw.


octafx logo


Minimum initial capital: 100 USD

Order execution type: STP, ECN

Highest leverage: 1:500

Promotions: Bonus 50%

OctaFX was established in 2012. So far, OctaFX has only one Cyprus CySEC license for EU citizens and Off shore.

Octafx types of accounts & Trading platforms

All are 3 types of accounts:

  • MT4 Account: no commission. Minimum initial capital of USD 100. Client will trade on the MT4 trading platform.
  • MT5 Account: no commission, minimum capital initially 500 USD. The account type supports more crude oil products and more stock indices. Client will trade on the MT4 trading platform. Client will trade on the MT5 trading platform.
  • CTrader Account: commission from 6-7 USD / lot. In my experience, CTrader Account is the best account at this broker. Client will trade on the Ctrader trading platform.

OctaFX Free Swap

Besides, there is an additional type of Free Swap (free overnight), so it is more suitable for Scalper traders and Daily traders, Positive traders. But this only applies to MT4 account.

Free swap is one of the outstanding policies of OctaFX. However, there will be a swap of Swap fees into Commission fees, in this case.

Provides 3: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Ctrader.

OctaFX Deposit Bonus 50%

There is usually a 50% bonus program for depositing money. In addition, OctaFX is also classified in the group “Forex brokers with bonus” for investors who love to use bonuses.

OctaFX provides additional Copy trade function.

Support for almost free deposit and withdrawal methods, including Bitcoin wallets. And SKILL payment gateway.


logo exness


Minimum initial capital: 1 USD

Order execution type: STP, ECN, Dealing Desk

Highest leverage: unlimit

Promotions: No

Exness was established in 2008, has a British FCA and FSA license from Seychelles.

Exness highest leverage

Yes ! That’s right. Because Exness broker provides unlimited leverage. Investors should also know that higher leverage is also a double-edged sword. So consider when using high leverage.

Exness account types

Provide 5 types of accounts and I just summarize some accounts here as:

  • Cent Account: is a commission free account. More suitable for new traders who want to train or traders who want to test their strategy.
  • RAW Account: commission is less than 7 usd / lot, depending on the trading pair.
  • Zero Account: commission from 7 usd / lot, depending on the trading pair. According to Exness announced the difference of 0 (spread = 0) accounted for 95% of the day

Exness offers a wide range of trading products from Forex, Precious Metals, Stocks, Stocks, Crypto.

Provide 2 trading platforms: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5.

Exness dealing desk

This broker is a Dealing desk and No Dealing desk. Perhaps market markets are something traders don’t like.

Exness is one of “Fast withdrawal brokers”

The strength of Exness to withdraw money very quickly sometimes is less than 1 hour.

Support many deposit and withdrawal methods. Almost free, including Bitcoin wallets. And SKILL payment gateway.


logo ADSS


Minimum initial capital: 500 USD

Order execution type: STP

Highest leverage: 1:30

Promotions: No

ADSS established in 2011 and licensed by the UK FCA. So, the trader who deals here, will be legally secure with this FCA license is obviously a reputable broker.

  • Account type provided at ADSS: only 1 account type and no commission.
  • Trading products include: Forex, Precious Metals, Securities.
  • Trading platform: only 1 trading platform: Metatrader 4.

Weaknesses of brokers: the number of traded products is quite modest and there are not many accounts to choose from.


fbs logo


Minimum initial capital: 5 USD

Order execution type: STP, ECN

Highest leverage: 1:3000

Promotions: Bonus 100% and “Free 100 USD”

FBS was established in 2007. FBS is also an online broker that provides online trading products.

Providing 3 trading platforms: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, FBS Trader.

Offers very high leverage up to 1: 3000 and applies to different account types. Investors should also know that higher leverage is also a double-edged sword, so consider.

FBS Types of account

FBS offers 5 types of accounts. But I just summarized some accounts here like:

  • Cent Account: is a commission free account, suitable for new traders who want to practice or traders who want to test their strategies.
  • Standard Account: no commission, suitable for all traders.
  • ECN Account: with commission 6 usd / lot. Suitable for scalping traders.
  • Micro Account: There is no commission, in fact it is the Spread Fix account, i.e. spread is fixed.
  • Zero Spread Account: The spread on this account will be zero on the trading pairs and compensate for the high commission up to 20 USD / lot traded.

Among brokers, this is a very comfortable broker with every trading method.

FBS bonus 100

Yes, this is bonus no deposit promotion currently happening on FBS.

In addition, if you want to see brokers with this same no deposit promotion at here “free no deposit bonus forex broker”.


Here is a list of the available methods at FBS: Local Bank, Skrill, Netteller, Visa card, and Bitcoin Wallet.

The weakness that I underestimate at FBS is too much fees for traders. Whether, promotions take place regularly.


darwinex 3x2


Minimum initial capital: 500 USD

Order execution type: STP

Highest leverage: 1:30

Promotions: No

Darwinex is found since 2012. Darwinex has established 40 offices in London and their development office in Spain. This broker is licensed by the FCA Manager under the trademark Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited number 08061368.

Darwinex’s strategic community is large with over 3,000 traders. Attracting investors to this broker. Because Darwinex pays special attention to talented traders and they will receive new capital allocation.

Mark Darwin

As mentioned above Darwinex will allocate capital to talented traders corresponding to the Darwin name for each account.

Every month, Darwinex announces: Darwin is at its best. It will be considered for capital allocation up to 6 million euros, set aside for 80 Darwin according to the rankings. Then, if Darwin is profitable, Darwinex will be divided by 15% of the yield of profit.

Deposit fee

  • Fee is 0.5% deposit on Skrill and Paypal.
  • No fees via Visa, Trustly Bank.
  • Bankwire if any fees are from the investor’s bank. But it was, not a fee
  • from Darwinex’s side.

Withdraw fee

  • Fee is 1.2% for withdrawals on Skrill and Paypal and Visa card.
    The fee is 3.5 EUR on Trustly.
  • Bankwire if there are fees, are fees from the investor’s bank, not from Darwinex.


logo FXTM 200x133


Minimum initial capital: 10 USD

Order execution type: STP/ECN, Market Marker

Highest leverage: 1:2000

Promotions: Refund policy 5 USD

FXTM is also ForexTime established in 2011. ForexTime has been granted 4 licenses including CySEC and FSCA in South Africa, FCA of UK, FSC of Mauritius, FSC corresponding to different legal areas.

Trading account types:

FXTM has up to 7 different account types to offer to suit all types of clients such as:

  • Standard account, in the form of 3 types of accounts, including: Standard Account, Cent Account, Stock CFDs Account.
  • ECN account, under the form of 4 types of accounts, including: Stocks Account, ECN Account, ECN Zero Account, FXTM Pro Account

Lowest commission

The strong point of FXTM is that the commissions are very low starting at 2.5 USD / lot in both directions. Commission fee will depend on which trading pair.

Recommend choosing FXTM ECN Account or Stock Account

If you trade Forex then you should choose ECN Account. If you choose to trade Stock, you should choose Stocks Account.

FXTM is also a broker which is both “No dealing desk and Dealing Desk”.

FXTM Invest

FXTM Invest” is ForexTime’s copy service. Investors are allowed to keep control of their own capital. The investor will only pay part of the cost to the Strategic Provider when they execute profitable orders

Full range of deposit and withdrawal methods such as: Local bank, Visa / Master card, Skrill, Neteller, VLOAD, Webmoney, E-wallet, Yandex money, Perfect Money and Fasapay. The minimum deposit for the deposit starts from 10 USD for Cent account.


Does Forex Broker offer Free forex trading platforms?

Almost all Forex Brokers offer free platforms such as: Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5) and Ctrader. There are a few other trading platforms of some forex brokers that you pay either monthly or by volume fees. Of course, paid trading platforms are definitely an advantage over free trading platforms.

Which Forex Broker has low spreads and no commissions?

There is no Forex broker that truly meets both of the above criteria.
One is the commission and the spread is low.
Or, Two is no commission and the difference is higher.
But you can refer here “low spread forex brokers”.

Am I looking for “Best CFD Brokers Australia” or “Best Forex Broker Australia?

Maybe you live in Australia. There will be these CFD brokers that I recommend you are interested in: FPMarkets, ICMarkets, Etoro, Admiral Markets.

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