Darwinex Review Reddit

Darwinex review reddit

When was Darwinex founded? What license?

In operation since 2012, Darwinex has established 40 offices in London and is licensed by the FCA organization with the brand “Tradeslide Trading Tech Ltd” number 08061368. Their development office in Spain.

  • Darwinex places a strong emphasis on quality and uniqueness exclusively with PAMM trading (almost like social copy).
  • Darwinex’s community of strategies is crowded with more than 3,000 traders. They pay special attention to talented traders and allow them a new source of income.
  • Darwinex focuses heavily on advanced technology along with the server located in “LD4 London Data Center” to serve its good matching properties to its customers.

What are Darwinex Darwins?

Darwinex only provides one type of account and that account will be assigned a name Darwin with 3 characters (eg XYZ). Of course, a condition if the trader agrees to be publicly available on his account.

Darwinex Darwins
With that said, if the trader accepts his strategy is public. Investors in the Darwinex community will be able to see and invest their capital to invest in that Darwin strategy. Even the Darwinex exchange will also invest their capital to invest in any effective Darwin strategy. Every month, Darwinex will announce the most efficient Darwin and will be considered eligible for a capital allocation of up to 6 million euros, for 80 Darwin’s according to the rankings. Then, if Darwin is profitable, Darwinex will be divided by 15% of the yield of profit.

Should invest in DARWINEX?

Yes, it will be up to you. If you are a trader or an investor. I will give, 3 reasons about Darwinex letting you know:

  • First, the company is under FCA’s leading license with capital insurance up to 500k GBP.
  • Second, Darwinex they focus heavily on advanced execution technology. Execution speed optimization without affecting liquidity. The exclusive aggregate tool assesses the market conditions and directs the flow to the best supplier at any given moment.
  • Third, talented traders benefit from their satisfactory resulting performance. Protected, intellectual property (i.e. not being able to see transaction history by others to sneak copies).

Darwinex Deposit and Withdrawal methods

This is also a weak side of Darwinex. Darwinex only supports loading and withdrawing via ports such as: VISA card, Bank wire, Skill, Paypal, Trustly Bank Transfer. As such, the deposit and withdrawal implementation will be a bit slower and more complicated for some beginner investors.

deposit and withdraw method at darwinex

Deposit fee

  • 0.5% deposit on Skrill and Paypal.
  • Bankwire if there are fees, are fees from the investor’s bank, not from Darwinex.
  • Visa card, Trustly Bank free.

Withdraw fee

  • 1.2% of capital withdrawn on Skrill and Paypal and Visa card.
    3.5 EUR on Trustly.
  • Bankwire if there are fees, are fees from the investor’s bank, not from Darwinex.

Website: www.darwinex.com


  • Many tools to assist in strategic analysis
  • Low spreads and low commissions.
  • Licensed reputation.


  • Little Products deals.
  • Few payment gateways.
  • There are no free fees on all payment methods.

What is the biggest leverage on Darwinex?

As is known, ESMA will only allow you a maximum leverage of 30: 1.

What is Darwinex minimum deposit?

The minimum required capital is 500 $ to open a live trading account.

Does a Darwinex demo account offer?

Yes. It is free MT4 / MT5 demo trading account and experience our trading environment in a risk-free way. With your demo trading account you can trade with the same assets, prices and spreads as in real.

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