Review Remitano app on network coin

Review Remitano app on network coin

Normally, if a person wants to buy and sell Bitcoin or like other crypto assets like Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin of course there must be someone to help you, Remitano is growing, so is human traffic. Users from Vietnam account for a relatively high proportion and are well known by many people.

What is Remitano?

Remitano offers a P2P Bitcoin escrow market where people buy and sell Bitcoin, company acts as an intermediary, so cost of buying and selling bitcoin is lowest to ensure best interests of customers.

Remitano is an international cryptocurrency exchange, operating since 2014, has a quick Vietnamese support team, so customers with any questions can contact them.

In addition, there is one subsidiary company, BIT GIGA PTE. LTD is headquartered at 111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore.

Currently Remitano is operating in Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, a team of banking professionals with expertise in financial products, cryptocurrencies, Payment systems and Software development. Agile.

Remitano scam?

With some withdrawals at Remitano not working, try to see if your situation is similar to some of the cases below.

In case if Bitcoin does not return to your wallet, you should check that your BTC wallet code matches the wallet code when you select it on Remitano. There are cases where account has been hacked by hackers and modified wallet code. Thus, each transaction, customer should check his wallet code correctly before transaction to avoid falling into above situation and losing entire amount.

In case, you have entered correct wallet but Bitcoin has not arrived after a few hours. Since all transaction history will be recorded and you will never lose money, you can contact Remitano support, by taking a picture of your transaction code and sending it to Remitano support team. For your convenience, you can contact online chat right on their website, Remitano supports Vietnamese.

In some common cases, transactions may be pending because Remitano’s system is upgrading or being overloaded, so transactions will be slow to process.

The problem is slow, it can also be Ethereum, Bitcoin sometimes congests network due to a large number of transactions such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, in 2018 and 2020 network is congested and affects many deposit and withdrawal transactions. ETH, BTC failed.

As Remitano virtual currency exchange information has provided, having user’s information public helps buyer to self-assess his or her reputation level to decide whether to trade.

Looking at this, it is easy to evaluate that this is a reputable account that has made many transactions, large transaction amounts, very good feedback from partners, you can rest assured that transactions.

How to avoid scams on Remitano?

How to avoid scams on Remitano?

Usually, when I see you guys doing transactions, you transfer money and coins directly to buyer/seller without using Remitano’s VND wallet, this old way of doing things inadvertently makes you easy to become target of scammers. Not only that, but this method also takes time.

I recommend that you use Remitano’s VND wallet to make all transactions safer. When you buy coins, you preload VND into Remtiano’s VND wallet, then when you buy coins, it only takes a few clicks to complete and requires seller to have BTC in Remitano wallet before transaction can be done. And when selling, you should also preload coin into Remitano wallet, not transfer it to the buyer from an external wallet. In addition, there are some important notes you need to know when buying and selling on Remi, which I will mention below.

However, if you still prefer to trade usual way of transferring money and coins directly, before transaction you should choose a reputable buyer/seller, you just need to click on nick to see. It is advisable to choose those with a good transaction record, with some of following characteristics:

  • Quick seller
  • Frequent buyers and sellers
  • Large amount of coins traded
  • Positive user feedback
  • Account Verified

General review of Remitano cryptocurrency exchange

Remitano is an international cryptocurrency exchange, operating since 2014, has a support team in native language as in case here is Vietnamese, in terms of virtual exchange or cryptocurrency. Remitano is more reputable than many brokers in industry.

Remitano exchange has a lot of crypto services, not just a P2P exchange, in 2021 this virtual currency exchange will form a remitano network to enhance customer support.

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