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Bonus is probably attraction to forex trading for beginners, promotions like this will always come with different rules of that forex broker, depending on type promotion.

What is the bonus?

Bonuses offered by Forex Broker to their clients are under 2 types:

Free Bonus:

This is the type of usually you will get some bonuses without having to deposit your capital. Often there will be such as: Welcome 30 USD, Welcome 100 USD, up to usually receive free is 200 USD. But, you must trade enough with a very large volume according to the exact requirements of that broker for a certain time.

Pros: You do not need to deposit.

Cons: The policy will be strict from the time you receive the Free Bonus until the bonus is withdrawn to your card account, that is, your bank account. But, if you are sure to meet the policy of receiving free bonuses that the broker announced, then ok. No problem !

Deposit bonus:

This method you get bonuses every time you deposit or just for the first time deposit or depending on the big events in the world or big events in a country. After, to receive this bonus, you also still have to meet the volume. From there, you will be allowed to withdraw money to your bank account.

However, the requirement that the volume is enough to be sufficient for the withdrawal on the “Deposit bonus” will not be as high as the required volume of “Free Bonus”.

Pros: Your balance is multiplied by the amount you have deposited.

Cons: Must also “comply with and satisfy the withdrawal policy” on the bank account. But, this will be more mild than a “Free Bonus”.

Top Forex Brokers Company allow trading forex no deposit bonus

XM: promotion offers 30 USD free bonus (save does not apply to some countries). See here >>>

RoboForex: has Promotion to receive 30 USD free bonus. See here >>>

FBS: has Promotion to receive 100 USD free bonus. See here >>>

FORTFS: has Promotion to receive 35 USD free bonus. See here >>>

FXOpen: has Promotion to receive 10 USD free bonus. See here >>>

Top Forex broker that offers Bonus – Deposit Required

OctaFX: offering 10%, 20% and up to 50% Bonuses. See here >>>

XM: promotions are offered with bonuses up to 15%. See here >>>

RoboForex: promotions are offered with bonuses up to 60%. See here >>>

FBS: Promotion is offering 100% bonus. See here >>>

FortFS: Promotion is offering 200% bonus. See here >>>

Forex4you: having Promotion to receive 100% bonus !!!

JustForex: has a 120% bonus. See here >>>

VantageFX: has Promotion to receive 50% bonus. See here >>>

Mtrading: offers a 200% bonus. See here >>>

LiteForex: has Promotion to receive 30% bonus. See here >>>

FXChoice: has a Bonus of 15% bonus. See here >>>

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